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The Energy Audit: What Is It and Why Is It Worth It?

Conducting an energy audit

While energy audits have been available for many years with more and more institutions choosing to take advantage of their benefits, many individuals are still unaware how beneficial they can be or that they even exist in the first place!

Energy audits often represent the first step towards reducing your carbon footprint and energy consumption by indicating potential trouble areas in your home or facility. Naturally, these energy savings reflect themselves in a reduced cost in your energy bill.

But what exactly is an energy audit, and how can it help you evaluate your facility's environmental impact?

The Energy Audit: What Is It?

In simple terms, an energy audit is conducted to determine a facility's energy efficiency, identifying its electrical consumption, trouble areas, and highlighting potential solutions that can improve overall efficiency. With the information compiled during an energy audit, you can recognize and correct any energy usage issues while cutting electrical costs and saving unnecessary energy consumption. Before conducting any energy solution projects, it is strongly recommended that you begin with an energy audit.

Who Conducts The Energy Audit?

It is advised that you seek a registered energy auditor or advisor to conduct your business' energy audit, although it is possible to complete a rudimentary energy audit of your home or residence. Pacific Light & Energy's certified Energy Audit Team ensure that your energy audit is completed comprehensively without any oversights or unnecessary innovations are being implemented.

Why Is The Energy Audit So Important?

Routine energy audits help ensure that your facility is running at peak efficiency while making sure you are minimizing your carbon footprint and minimizing operating expenses spent on energy costs. There are a number of benefits of utilizing an energy audit, such as:

  • Identifying energy-saving opportunities.

  • Increasing your home's resale value.

  • Identifying safety issues with wiring, ventilation or electrical systems.

  • Understand your energy usage and where your expenses are going.

  • Reduction of carbon monoxide production.

How Long Does An Energy Audit Take?

Typically, an energy audit will take around an hour to complete, although this varies depending on the size of your facility/home along with the ease of access throughout your facility.

What Does An Energy Audit Cost?

Pacific Light & Energy is proud to offer complimentary energy audits to help ensure you are able to reduce your carbon footprint and energy consumption with the help of a comprehensive breakdown that is easy to understand, providing you with customized energy saving solutions. This means you can reap all of the benefits from an energy audit at zero cost!

Is An Energy Audit Worth It?

Absolutely! Not only can you showcase your exemplary leadership in the sustainability space, but an energy audit represents the first step towards capitalizing on government funding through rebates and incentives that will ultimately slash the cost of your energy bill and optimize your energy usage throughout your facility.

If you are interested in taking advantage of the benefits from having an energy audit conducted, click the button above to contact the Pacific Light & Energy team and we will coordinate with you to have one of our certified Energy Audit Team members to complete your energy audit at zero cost to you.

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