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The Benefits of Vapor Tight LEDs

Vapor tight LED fixtures (also known as wet location fixtures) are gasketed and sealed lighting technologies that are used to illuminate both indoor and outdoor setting where water, dust and humidity exposure is expected to occur. As we've mentioned before, LEDs inherently maintain a number of advantages over fluorescent lighting technologies, and vapor tight LEDs utilize these benefits while boasting the adaptability associated with the durability of gasketed and enclosed luminaires.

Below, Pacific Light & Energy explores our top three benefits of LED vapor tight fixtures and will share them with you:

Maintenance Cost Reduction

LEDs generate light in a manner that extends their functional lifespan far beyond that of conventional fluorescent lighting technologies. Furthermore, vapor tight LED fixtures are not negatively impacted via cycling, and thus are much more reliable in situations wherein lighting is expected to be switched on and off frequently. On top of that, LEDs manage to function at peak performance even in cold temperatures, maintaining their lifespan throughout these extreme environments (something that fluorescent lamps cannot claim!).

Energy Savings

4FT LED vapor tight fixtures typically range from 12W to 55W (this range is due to requiring the ability to adapt to the various applications of vapor tight fixtures), correspondingly ranging in a 45%-60% reduction in energy consumption compared to traditional fluorescent vapor tight lights. Typically, fluorescent fixtures utilized in wet locations use one to four lamps, thus by utilizing LED vapor tight fixtures you can save over $5,500/year for a facility with 100 fluorescent vapor tights.

Lighting Performance

Multi-point design means that vapor tight LED fixtures provide a supremely evenly distributed light pattern. Regarding LED vs fluorescent technologies, this results in a more even foot candle distribution for LED technologies. On top of that, LEDs are available in a wide range of color temperatures, resulting in the ability to provide a range of options that will increase the eye's visual perception of brightness. This is crucial in any facility where employees and staff require high performance task lighting, or for outdoor retail where companies want to ensure their products and branding is clearly visible to all.

It's important to keep in mind that not all LED vapor tight fixtures are manufactured with the same level of quality and care. Different manufacturers produce different levels of value made for different applications. Pacific Light & Energy is here to help you and your facility to ensure that our expertise is utilized to recommend the best solution for you and your project, to produce the best possible results.


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