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Our Process

This is how we do it!

Our Process
Free Assessment
  • Within days of request, no interruption to operations

  • Experienced consultant partners with you to project completion

  • Identify risks, issues and dependencies and the right solutions

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Innovation & Specialization
  • Evaluate needs, ensure most effective product/value solution

  • Reduce and reuse, new technology isn't always necessary

  • Experience managing intricate operating environments

Custom Build Report
  • Typically delivered within one week

  • Detailed, yet easy to understand

  • In-depth zone-by-zone analysis

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Innovation & Specialization
  • Evaluate needs, ensure most effective product/value solution

  • Reduce and reuse, new technology isn't always necessary

  • Experience managing intricate operating environments

  • Not tied to one supplier or manufacturer

  • Secure shortest lead-times, customized solutions and equipment

  • Certified products, industry leading performance & warranty

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Project Management & Installation
  • Guaranteed prices to completion

  • Schedule and supervise site-visits, deliveries and installations

  • Licensed and insured electricians

Post Inspection & Rebate
  • Submit final rebate documents

  • Manage utility on-site inspections

  • Handle any utility issues

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Warranty and Maintenance
  • Single point of contact for all issues

  • Optimize life of existing system

  • Guaranteed quick response

Divisions of Expertise

Divisions of Expertise

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Energy Audit Team

While energy prices continue to rise year after year, improving the efficiency of your facility's systems remains one of the most effective methods of saving thousands of dollars per month. To this end, our Energy Audit Team is critical in collecting the necessary data to provide the most comprehensive and cost-effective solutions to reveal energy savings while maintaining a uniform look throughout your facility. 

Our Energy Audit Team provides complimentary assessments of facilities, utilizing their industry leading knowledge and expertise in order to highlight how much money our clients can save through the implementation of high-efficiency energy technologies.

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Analytics & Rebates Team

Our Analytics & Rebates Team exclusively focuses on liaising with government and external rebate program applications in order to ensure that our clients are securing maximum possible incentive funding for their energy savings solutions. The Analytics & Rebates Team have utilized their expertise to secure incentive funding for energy savings projects across North America and are familiar with rebates and incentive programs across the continent.

Pacific Light & Energy's Analytics & Rebates team ensures that you are securing the maximum possible funding for your energy savings project while avoiding delays and headaches. Having the Analytics & Rebates team on your side is a must when large sums of funding are at stake and timelines need to be followed - and they are here and ready to help.

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Research & Development Team

Pacific Light & Energy's in-house Research & Development Team utilize their expertise with a comprehensive checklist of over 150 points of evaluation in order to determine the most effective technologies to implement towards your energy savings project.

The Research & Development Team are dedicated to monitoring thousands of new technologies, including manufacturer facilities, to ensure that the modern technologies we recommend are the most fruitful and effective towards maximizing energy savings in your facility.

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Logistics Network Team

The Logistics Network Team are responsible for sourcing technologies that ensure maximum efficiency and making sure these technologies are delivered promptly to maintain project timelines and budgets. The longstanding relationships that our Logistics Network Team maintain with numerous suppliers ensures that Pacific Light & Energy get the best possible price, product, and lead time to deliver our clients necessary solutions as swiftly and effectively as possible.

Pacific Light & Energy's Logistics Network Team are critical in our ability to provide the quickest and most cost-effective solutions in the industry for our clients throughout North America.

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Project Management Team

Pacific Light & Energy's Project Management Team play a critical role in making sure that on-site operations move along on schedule and on budget while adhering to all necessary safety protocols. The turn-key solutions we provide ensure that installations happen promptly without sacrificing the industry leading craftsmanship that Pacific Light & Energy offers.

The Project Management Team have overseen projects across all sorts of facilities and recognize that each facility brings with it unique needs and potential obstacles. This is why their expertise is utilized to ensure that projects adhere to the timeline and budget prescribed prior to project initialization.

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Solution Installation Team

Our Solution Installation Team are responsible for implementing energy savings solutions swiftly and with industry leading craftsmanship.

Pacific Light & Energy's Solution Installation Team maintain a network of electrical teams to deliver the highest quality installation and service, no matter the facility. Clients can rest assured that required permits are obtained and installations are completed with our turn-key Solution Installation Team's expertise at the helm.

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Customer Service & Warranty Team

The Customer Service & Warranty Team ensure that our clients are given the highest quality of customer care with prompt response times, answering any questions and addressing any potential issues that arise throughout the project installation process.

Our industry leading warranty makes sure that our clients can rest easy with the understanding that if any issues should arise with implemented technologies, Pacific Light & Energy will be there to replace it promptly with no questions asked.

LED Lighting Retrofit Project Execution
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