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Portfolio management is at our core.

Should you want to conduct multiple projects at one site, or projects at multiple sites, there are numerous benefits to partnering with Pacific as your energy solutions provider.

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Directing the individual project correctly will ensure it is done right.
Project Portfolio
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Directing "all the projects" successfully will ensure we are doing the right projects.

Project management
institute surveys have shown:


Additional projects organizations are able to execute with the use of PPM


Reduction of project failures with the use of PPM

Benefits of a portfolio approach

PPM: Text
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Better Decision Making
  • Ensures important projects are implemented first
  • Prevent "guesstimates"
  • Optimize allocation of resources
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Portfolio Discount & Customized Payment Terms
  • Discounted pricing options
  • Pacific cash-back rebates upon portfolio completion
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Streamlined Approach
  • Project continuity/familiarity
  • Repeatable and increased project success rate
  • Faster project turnaround times
  • Single warranty program for portfolio
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Development of Marketing
  • Increase brand and property value
  • Demonstrate organizational environmental leadership

Phase one:
completed projects

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PPM: Image

Phase two:
on-going projects

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PPM: Image

Phase three:
planned projects

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PPM: Image


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