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Shedding Light on LED Lighting Retrofits

Enhancing energy efficiency, lighting quality, and sustainability for your facility
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By retrofitting to LED lighting, a facility can save up to 50-80% in energy costs.

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Reduced Maintenance

A longer lifespan means fewer replacements and lower maintenance costs.

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Environmental Impact

A lower carbon footprint reflects your organizational commitment to our environment.

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Increased Productivity

Better lighting creates a more comfortable, safer and productive work environment.

A Simple Turn-Key Process

Step 1:
Energy Audit

Step 2:
Solution Evaluation

Step 3:
Incentive Application

Step 4:
Install & Set-Up

Step 5:
Maintenance & Upgrades

Free on-site audit to ascertain base system

Detail best LED lighting solutions

Secure pre-approval of government incentive funds

Project implementation, install of new technology

We remain on call to answer questions and deal with maintenance

CN Rail
Annual Total Savings
Government Incentive
CN Case Study Photo-01.png
Annual kWh Reduction
Project Payback (Years)
75 Diesel Dr.
"Pacific Light & Energy has completed lighting upgrades at several of our facilities on-time and on-budget. We look forward to continuing to work with Pacific to achieve our energy efficiency goals."

- Richard Ouellette, Supervisor, Facilities Management, CN Rail

Annual Total Savings
Government Incentive
Novelis Case Study Photo-01.png
Annual kWh Reduction
Project Payback (Years)
1 Lappan's Lane
"Pacific clearly communicated and resolved any issues that arose, delivered on their promises, and ensured the project was a success. I advise anyone considering an energy efficiency upgrade to partner with Pacific."

- Greg Snider, Facilities Eng., Novelis

Molson Coors
Molson Coors Case Study Photo-01.png
Annual Total Savings
Government Incentive
Annual kWh Reduction
Project Payback (Years)
33 Carlingview Dr.
"I would strongly recommend Pacific Light & Energy to anyone that has yet completed an LED lighting upgrade."

- Doug Dittburner, Chief Engineer, Molson Coors

DEL Case Study Photo-01.png
Annual Total Savings
Government Incentive
Annual kWh Reduction
Project Payback (Years)
88 Corporate Dr.
"It was a pleasure to do business with Pacific, and as a Property Manager, I would strongly recommend their services."

- Julia Dean, Property Manager, DEL Management

  • How many EV charging stations can I fit in my parking lot?
    This will be determined by your property’s infrastructure and available power, among other factors to consider. This is something that is unique to each property.
  • Are EV charging stations expandable?
    Absolutely! Most EV charging station setups are expandable with proper planning.
  • What kind of charger is used for my EV charging station?
    With custom tailored, non-proprietary solutions, Pacific Light & Energy will help you choose the best EV charging solution for your needs.
  • Can I update the setup of my EV charging station as the technology evolves?
    You will never be locked into one particular software or hardware as we offer open protocol equipment that will automatically update to keep up with advancing technology.
  • How does the billing at my EV charging station work?
    Using a rate set by building management or ownership, customers will be billed through an app that will then deposit this money directly into a specified account.
  • Can my EV charging station accept payment from smartphones or credit cards?
    Yes! All EV charging stations are easily compatible with payment through the app, and most will also be compatible with direct credit card payment.
  • Is there a pricing template for EV charging?
    Management will set pricing at their preferred rate.
  • How does a charge compare to a traditional tank of gas?
    The operation of an electric vehicle costs less than half of the operation of a traditional gas vehicle.
  • Is there a built-in ability to discourage vehicles that no longer need a charge from parking in the space?
    Of course! All EV charging stations include light indicators that will highlight how much their vehicle is charged. On top of this, you can program in a loitering fee that will discourage EV drivers from leaving their fully charged vehicle in the space.
  • What happens if there is no Wi-Fi or data available in the parking lot?
    If this is not readily available, a booster may need to be installed in the parking structure.
  • What if the power goes out?
    Customers will be warned directly through the app and will not be billed for the inactive time. Once power resumes, the EV charging station will immediately resume operation.
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