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How LED Lighting is Revolutionizing How We Watch Sports

LED Arena Lighting

If you're a fan of sports, you may have noticed some changes to your favourite arena, stadium, or sports field. As technology has continued to innovate, arena lighting has shifted away from outdated metal halide lighting towards LED sports field lighting. If you've been watching the NFL, for instance, you may have noticed these LED lights have been installed in many NFL stadiums across the league. And when you take a step back to consider the many benefits of LEDs over older lighting technologies, it's easy to see why.

For instance, a university or college football stadium may host somewhere between 10-15 events a year, and since these stadiums are not generating revenue when they're not in use, it is critical that stadium operators strive to maximize their usage while minimizing operating costs. To this end, LED lighting implemented for stadium usage is a massive benefit as a stadium operator.

The outdoor LED lights that are installed in stadiums or arenas are specifically designed to be long-lasting with extended durability when compared to older, traditional lighting technologies. They also generate higher quality, brighter light to ensure that both athletes and audiences are granted the best viewing experiencing when taking part in or enjoying sporting events.

Furthermore, these LED light fixtures consume less than half the energy compared to traditional lighting technologies, while also requiring significantly less maintenance or repairs over their extended lifespans, further saving costs.

Currently, this generation of LED light fixtures are incredibly adaptable, allowing operators to adjust the nature and quality of their lighting depending on the event taking place through spectrum-tuning technology. This allows stadium operators to extend the range of events they are able to properly host in their stadium, potentially seeing revenues skyrocket as a result.

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