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4 Tips to Reduce Your Facility's Carbon Footprint

If you've determined your company's carbon footprint, you're probably already thinking of ways to reduce and improve it in an effort to reduce cost and become more sustainable. Look no further! Pacific Light & Energy have four tips for you to reduce energy consumption and limit your business' carbon footprint:

Encourage Your Staff to Involve Themselves

In order to optimize the energy reduction of your facility, getting your employees on board is a fantastic step towards your goal. Providing your staff with workshops, educational material, and developing a company energy-savings plan can incentive employees to get involved in practically limiting energy waste and reducing your company's carbon footprint.

Utilize Energy Efficient Lighting & Controls

Switching your lights from traditional outdated technologies to energy efficient LED lighting will benefit both your company's bottom line and help the environment in a big way. Switching your lighting to LED technology can reduce energy usage by as much as 85%, limit the need for maintenance or repairs, and alleviate the need for specialty recycling procedures.

Take Advantage of Natural Lighting

You can completely limit the cost of your lighting expenses by utilizing natural light throughout your facility. The addition of windows and skylights bring in pleasant natural light that limit unwanted excess heat and have the added bonus of giving your staff a great view!

Optimize Business Equipment Operations

Maintaining the condition of the equipment throughout your facility helps ensure that it is running at peak efficiency. Ensure that your equipment is regularly inspected, maintained, and that any issues are addressed promptly. Regularly replace filters in your HVAC system and ensure that vents aren't blocked up. Furthermore, the installation of motion sensors and smart power bars can help make sure that energy waste is limited throughout your facility.

Pacific Light & Energy is happy to help answer any questions you have when it comes to determining your business' carbon footprint, or to offer advice on how you can limit and reduce it to optimize operations. Sustainability doesn't just help the environment, it dramatically reduces operational costs and saves you money at the bottom line.

Furthermore, government incentives and rebates are available to help fund your energy reduction projects, and Pacific Light & Energy are experts in managing and securing maximum funding to help your business become as energy efficient as possible.

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