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Five Benefits of Electric Vehicle Charging for Your Business

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Electric vehicle Charging at work

Branding Opportunities & Increased Goodwill

Pacific Light & Energy's EV charging stations boast the opportunity to brand, advertise, and cross-promote your business. These could be in-store promotions, general brand awareness, third-party advertising, and a number of other opportunities. Not to mention, implementing your company's branding on your new EV charging stations positions your business as a leader in the sustainability space that doesn't just talk the talk, but walks the walk too.

Competitive Differentiation

By offering practical value to your clientele, implementing EV charging stations at your business will result in drivers electing to stop by your facility for the convenience of being able to charge their EV. This increased dwell time at a retail location, for instance, could lead to increased sales. Furthermore, employers continue to look into all of the benefits EV charging stations can provide for their employees while additionally attracting a new wave of candidates.

EVs are Here to Stay

Last year saw the release of more than ten EV models from industry leading companies such as BMW, Nissan, Ford, GM, and more. The list of electric vehicles currently in development continues to grow and governments and manufacturers seek to adopt this technology across their fleet. While there is still some evolution throughout the EV marketspace one thing is for certain - EVs are here to stay and are the way of the future.

The Changing Fuel Paradigm

Traditional gasoline powered vehicles are forced to rely on third-party gas stations in order to fuel there cars and get them where they need to go. With the advent of EVs becoming more and more popular, many EV drivers simply use their residence or place of work as their primary "fuel" stops. Today, many EV drivers seek opportunistic stops where they can charge their vehicle while completing another chore (such as shopping, sharing a meal, or heading in to work for the day). Implementing an EV charging station at your business can add your facility to this list of locations they seek out while increasing your brand awareness and putting money back in your pocket.

Increased Customer Linger Factor

Installing an EV charging station at your business can - quite literally - drive traffic to your business while setting you apart from competitors through your leadership in the sustainability space. Furthermore, the increased time consumers spend at your business while their EV charges often leads to an increase in dollars spent per EV driver. The aforementioned "opportunity charge" that many EV drivers seek to take advantage of while they shop or handle business can provide your business with yet another attractive avenue for bringing in new and returning customers.

The added value that an EV charging station can bring to your property can sometimes be difficult to grasp, but Pacific Light & Energy are here to answer any questions you may have and help you find what EV charging station makes the most sense for your place of business.

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